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Chat bot is a software that provides automatic answers, managed by artificial intelligence


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Chat bot


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🇬🇧 | Chat bot is a software that is managed by artificial intelligence, which is completely based on chat, that gives automatic answers, no one sends the answers to you, the artificial intelligence itself decides and gives answers by learning. <br><br> Requirements: To use Chat Bot, you need to create a channel named chat-bot on your server. chat bot should be able to send messages to the channel you created. No other installation required! <br><br> Additional Precautions: Chat Bot can give replies with swearing and insulting content depending on the content in the message, our suggestion to you is to open the chat channel as NSFW channel, otherwise Chat Bot is not responsible in case of a possible server shutdown. <br><br><br> 🇹🇷 | Chat bot tamamen sohbet üzerine kurulu yapay zeka tarafından yönetilen, otomatik cevaplar veren bir yazılımdır, verilen cevapları bir kişi göndermez yapay zeka kendisi karar vererek ve öğrenerek yanıtlar verir. <br><br> Olması Gerekenler: Chat Botu kull